401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Pastor's Update 

Report to Congregation Council
October 20, 2020
Rev. Steven M. Mahaffey

It’s been by far the busiest month around the church since the pandemic arrived in March. Many of the committees and ministries were either actively meeting or were planning for the future … the Rita Shrider Care Package ministry was reefing its list, the Quilting Ministry was obtaining new fabrics and supplies, the Finance Committee was meeting to prepare the draft budget for 2021 to be presented to Council, Bible Study continued to meet and work its way through the Old Testament, plans for the seasons of Advent and Christmas were finalized, the Executive Committee of Congregation Council met with the employees to conduct yearly evaluations, and even my Muskingum Conference of Pastors started meeting again in-person. Add to that two memorial services (Phyllis Williams and Marian Webb) and one wedding (Josh and Maggie Lane) and the planning/meeting that happens before those services made for an increase of activity. Additionally the outside community organizations that use the church facility are all adding to the activity during the week and weekend (Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Child Supervision, and Court Mediation). As our church janitor Sheri Gage recently commented, this is one of the busiest places around during a pandemic!
Thankfully, everyone has (for the most part) been respectful and are following the physical distancing and building use practices that the congregation has put in place. As we witness a possible second wave arrive across the nation, coupled with the arrival of the flu, it’s important that we review those practices that are in place and attempt to do our best in following them. I believe and hope that if we stay diligent in wearing masks, washing hands, keeping our distance, and staying home (especially when we aren’t feeling well) that we will be able to remain open as a congregation and continue to provide the mission, ministries, and worship opportunities that we’ve been performing for many months now.
In Christ, with Christ, for Christ! 
Pastor Steve Mahaffey