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Pastor's Update 

Pastor’s Report to Council

June 19, 2018

Things picked back up a little this past month. We celebrated both Pentecost as well as Trinity Sunday … and per tradition this time of year, we rejoiced at the confirmation of Sophie Folwell. On June 1-2 Ron & Christy Calvert and I attended the Southern Ohio Synod Gathering as we performed the work of the larger Church. Although I had to return to Marietta after only one day of the gathering due to a commitment with Artsbridge, Ron and Christy represented us well, with Christy drafting a resolution that was adopted. Christy was also up for nomination to attend the ELCA national gathering this summer in Milwaukee, however she lost to another one of the nominees. I performed a house blessing service for Kelly Fitzgerald on June 8th in Cincinnati. A group of around a dozen of us planned and constructed a much needed ramp and rail for Bernice Matson on June 16th. This project has been in the works for months now, as the family had applied through another organization for the materials and only had to line up the labor. It was great to see so many of us come together to get this job completed on a very hot Father’s Day weekend. Although everyone involved deserves a word of thanks, a special shout out goes to Randy Shrider and Mike Johnson for putting in extra hours of planning and preparation. Finally, the fellowship committee held another successful fellowship hour this past Sunday in honor of Father’s Day. Can never go wrong with pie and ice cream!!


The Evangelism team and Stewardship team met this past month, as well as the Memorial and Back to School committees.


Much of my office time this past month has been spent on the normal sermon preparation and Bible Study preparations. Because we are moving so quickly through the “short” books of the New Testament, I’m finding that the preparation for these books is substantially more to stay ahead of the class time. It’s amazing that a book of the Bible with only 3 chapters can have a book 100 pages long written about it! Additionally I have spent many, many hours this past month working on updating the church records that are kept in the big “red” books. This involves matching my own personal records with the records kept by our church office, filling in any missing gaps, and finally recording all of this information into the books. My guess is that within this next month this task will be completed.


I continue to deliver meals every other Thursday with Franciscan Meals, actively participate with the Artsbridge board and sub-committee for the Merchants & Artists Walk, and was recently contacted by Bishop Dillahunt to serve on the Synod Council Board as well as on the Synod Stewardship team.



In Christ, with Christ, for Christ!




Pastor Steve Mahaffey