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Pastor's Update 

Report to Council

August 2020

I’m certain most of us if not all of us are tired of our “new normal.” I know I am. I miss the singing of hymns and liturgy in worship. I miss the fellowship that happens immediately after worship, and the fellowship of home visits. I miss the hugs, the handshakes, and the freedom to stand closely together as we talk. And I miss seeing everyone! Although I completely support all of the safety measures and precautions that are in place, it doesn’t mean that I have to like them. And yet, I’m also grateful for what we have … weekly Bible studies, weekly in-person worship, meetings of committees planning for ministry, and active ministries that continue to reach out into our community (Loads of Love and Backpacks). I’m grateful for the hard work and dedication that continues to go into making a difficult and challenging situation accessible for those who aren’t yet comfortable coming together … for the musicians, the sound board operators, the videographers, and the assistants who help to make weekly worship available for everyone. It’s different, yes, but what we are doing we do well! And I’m thankful that we’re actually doing it, as I’m aware of at least two congregations in our community that aren’t doing anything (nothing, nada … no worship on Sundays, no Bible studies, no meetings). We are blessed with some very dedicated and faithful disciples!!
This past month we had two mission and ministry activities occur. Loads of Love handed out gift cards to people to assist with their laundry. Although they weren’t able to help “do” their laundry as we’ve done in the past (thanks to COVID), they still made a positive impact. Thanks to Joan, Vickie, and Charlene for their efforts, and to Amy for obtaining Thrivent Action Team funds to sup-port this effort. Additionally the Back-to-School team has worked hard the last month or two in preparing for the annual backpack give-away. From working with Community Action, to shopping for supplies, to organizing, labeling, and meeting with the families as they come to St. Luke’s to pick up their backpack, they’ve spent many hours working to make this another success. Thanks to the many people involved!!
This past month I used a week of my vacation time to move both of my sons back to their respective universities. I also used a week of continuing education to continue my studies in St. Augustine, as well as studying the dialogue that exists between science and religion. I’m thankful to both Randy and Jeff for filling in for me while I was away, especially during this time when the flow of our worship service is so different.
Praying that everyone continues to stay safe and practice the necessary physical distancing practices. And as a reminder, I keep regular office hours, so if you aren’t coming to church and would like to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

In Christ, with Christ, for Christ!

Pastor Steve