401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750

 Led By: Randy Shrider
 Contact Email: rshrider49@gmail.com

The Evangelism Committee has been exploring the possibility of posting signs at the city limits that would indicate the existence and location of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.  Unfortunately, we are encountering some resistance from the City of Marietta regarding the placement of such signs.  While we have not given up on this endeavor, the committee has decided to try an additional approach to making ourselves known.

We are offering smaller versions (12” wide by 15” high) of the original sign to our members so that they may be posted on their own private properties.  It could be placed at the end of a driveway, along a sidewalk, on a porch, or on a building.  If one lives where yard signs are prohibited, it could be placed in a window.  If that is prohibited, too, then one could be placed in a living room, although it is hoped that would not be a first choice.

The Evangelism Committee envisions at least three positive outcomes from the posting of these signs:

1.      It is likely that placing these signs all over Marietta, Washington County, and other parts of Ohio and West Virginia, will cast a much broader net of information regarding our existence and location to a greater number of people than would signs at the city limits.

2.      Knowing that for a great many of us, as Lutherans, we have difficulty finding a voice to express any evangelical messages to our friends and neighbors, this simple sign may provide each of us with openings for long suppressed conversations.

3.      What better way to say to those around us, “I am (we are) Lutheran and proud of it!”.  (A parallel example has been offered of cast concrete, nearly full-size, reclining lions that can be found in the residential areas of Georgetown, Ohio.  Those lions are placed in front of the homes of members of the local Lions Club.  We hope that we can be as proud to be Lutheran as they are to be Lions.)

The cost of each aluminum sign is $40.00.  The committee is determined to make sure that every member who wants a sign is able to have one.  Not only is the committee considering the possibility of subsidizing the cost of the sign for those who may feel it is a burden, but also, immediately following the second service on April 15, a member offered to help purchase signs for those who may feel it is difficult to pay the full price.  Details of payment will be addressed with each individual member.

Several suggestions have been made regarding the hanging of the signs.  These include being secured to metal posts, hanging on chains from right-angle “garden flag” hangers, and securing them directly to porch posts or buildings.  We will help anyone who needs it regarding the work of posting.  We will discuss with each individual how we can accommodate the specific method he/she prefers.

            The committee is excited to announce that as a result of sharing this information at the two services on April 15, 2018, members have expressed interest in a total of thirty-nine (39) signs!

            If you would like to be included among those who are posting “St. Luke’s” signs, please contact Randy Shrider at:  rshrider49@gmail.com , or call him at (740) 896-3072.  You may leave a message.