401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Church News

The Quilters group will be meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the fellowship hall at 9:00am.  All interested are invited to join us.  We have ten quilts to be tied.  We may also be cutting squares. Call Marian Russell 740-373-6023 with any questions.  The quilters would be happy to have any yard goods that you may want to contribute to this worthy cause.  Even if they are small pieces of goods, they will be cut into squares or rectangles for the good of some needy soul.  Additionally, if you would like to contribute monetarily, we can always use money to buy the batting used between the top and bottom covers. 

As always, thank you.

Choir Kickoff
If you love to sing, join us when you can add your voice to the Sunday morning Worship and Praise! Our time together each week is lighthearted and fun-filled, letting the music lift our spirits and grow our faith, focusing on the one we have in common, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! If you have any questions, you can reach me by phone or text (304) 481-7981 or by e-mail: candy_bandy@yahoo.com.
Your friend in Christ,

Kits for LWR
We have collected enough items to make up 63 personal
care kits. Thank you to all who so graciously contributed to this mission.


Please join us if you would like to know more about circle or ask Pat Geisler (373-
2411). We would love to have you.

At circle meetings we also collect money that goes to three places. One is collected as a
Thankoffering and is sent to the State ELCA-LCW. Each month we collect an offering which we use to benefit the projects we undertake, which could be many, such as making and sending quilts for Lutheran World Relief or buying something that our church
might need. We also collect for Specific Ministries (both local and afar; but, mostly local — for instance the Red Cross or Eve, Inc.).