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Last updated on January 10, 2020 at 3:29:55 AM
How are we doing?
The financial results for the eleven months to November 30 are as follows:

      Actual                 Budget
                                 Revenue     $194,219            $196,075
                                 Expenses     195,879               211,026
                                 Deficit           (1,660)             (14,951)
                                 Transfer in     10,000                        0
                                 Net revenue   $8,340            $(14,951)

In the month of November, we achieved a breakdown with offerings and other income only $34 short of operating expenditures. A lot better than October! But overall the eleven months show, as expected, an operating deficit of $1,660 before the transfer earlier this year of $10,000 from the Memorial Funds. But notice that the actual deficit is much less than was expected when the 2019 budget was assembled.
More detailed reports for the operating and restricted funds are displayed in the Holy Grounds!

Fraser G. MacHaffie, Treasurer