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Ice Box Rally

Ice Box Rally

April 2020

When addressing Mary in this scripture passage, Jesus didn’t use a parable or vague statement. He wanted to make sure that the Disciples and followers had a clear message. MY FATHER, YOUR FATHER and MY GOD, YOUR GOD. It was time for all the years of teaching to finally become clear. They watched Him die a horrible death, and now they have news from one of their own, that Jesus is alive. He truly is the Son of God, the same God they worship and love. I can imagine that this wasn’t an instant knowledge, they had to “wrap their brain around it”. Each moment from then on brought them to an amazing conclusion, so positive that they were willing to risk their own lives so that the message reached EVERYONE. As for us, Thanks be to God that they did. Now all these years later, we can know the truth.
We can know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Candy Bandy
Most Holy & Precious Lord, Thank you for enduring this terrible death. Let us be worthy of your love through our actions and deeds. Help us be strong during this tumultuous time, helping where we can and lifting up our prayers.