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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter


  10,000 Steps…

      Walking 10,000 steps each day can lead to a significant positive impact on our health. Health experts have released studies that show this level of activity can help reduce our blood pressure, maintain healthy sugar levels and even improve our moods! Yes,
physical activity can do wonders for our health, and the benefits carry over to our mental health as well. Reducing stress levels and having our bodies producing and
releasing the chemicals that make us feel better are all benefits of a more physically active lifestyle.

     Unfortunately, we don’t always find time in our busy days to exercise as much as we’d like to. Work is busy, homework needs to be done, appointments
after hours need to be kept, and well, let’s face it, sometimes we’re just too busy! Before we realize it, months have been torn away from that new calendar that we feel was just tacked to the wall!!

     The same could be said about our spiritual condition. Are we taking our “10,000 steps” for our spiritual lives? Are we setting time aside to do this?? How do we do this??

     I’m certainly not an expert in this area, but an article I read recently made a connection that I think fits in very well with our upcoming Lenten Season. This particular health article didn’t demand that each of us own a step counter and task ourselves to
10,000 steps per day, it just simply said that the best approach is to get started!!! Getting started is always the most difficult step to take, but it sets us on the right path that gives us the strength and will to take the next one, and the next one…!

     When we consider this same approach and turn our thoughts from our physical to our spiritual state, especially during the season of Lent, what better example can we have than our Lord Jesus taking His steps to the Cross? Lent is the time for us to reflect each day on the painful and selfless walk that Jesus took for us. Every step was a step closer to His Crucifixion, yet also one step closer to His Father in heaven.

As we approach another Lenten Season and focus once again on our Lord, we can take
the advice from the world of good health and exercise and apply it to our spiritual lives. We just need get started and take that first spiritual step with Jesus toward the
Cross. We can take the first step with a prayer, and then let Jesus lead us through a Lenten Season filled with devotion and thankfulness for what He did to set us free
from sin.

     Who knows how many steps we will take? It might be one, it may be 10,000, it may be more. But let’s get started and take that first step with Jesus. We can be sure He will lead us the rest of the way….

Have a blessed month,
Dom Perfetti