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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter


So where do we start??

   A Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best
time is now.”

   After a very busy Christmas season, where do we start to prepare ourselves for another
year? What will we be facing in 2019? Will we be making decisions on where to go to college? Decisions about a possible career change? A move to another state?
Maybe considering retirement??

   The years seem to move by faster and faster, and although we can try our best to plan, we know there will be some unexpected surprises. As we do our best to get our “ducks in a row” we also know that there will be twists and turns coming our way that we just cannot plan for or anticipate.
   So, where do we start? How to we put our best foot forward for a successful start of another year? Just like the Chinese proverb speaks to planting a tree today, can we also begin to change our lives today?? Well, maybe the answer is not as complicated
as we may think it is. If we didn’t accept Jesus into our hearts 20 years ago (or more!) can we ask Him to become our Lord and Savior today? Of course we can! And He’s waiting to hear from us. Anytime we invite Jesus into our lives is a time to celebrate and start anew. Similar to planting a tree, inviting our Lord into our hearts starts our growing
as Christians. And over time, Jesus’ Spirit becomes stronger and stronger within us, with deep roots to keep us steady and grounded during life’s storms; and branches to reach out to others.
   Yes, it is a New Year, and it’s always good to start out the year with a positive outlook
and attitude; but we all know that we can also be easily discouraged when we try to make life changes on our own. We need help. And help is always there when we turn to Jesus. When we ask Him to help us, He’s there. His Spirit will not let us down; and through the ups and downs that a year can bring, Jesus will be with us through the calm waters,
and the unpredictable rapids.
   Let’s start the year off in the right direction. To make the most significant change in our lives, let’s take the simplest approach. For a moment, let’s set aside the long lists of goals, financial targets, time driven milestones and overloaded schedules; and simply go to a quiet place and renew ourselves in Jesus. Once we ask Him to guide us through another year, we can gain the confidence that regardless of what we face, we know He will be there to see us through.
   The answer to the question, “Where do we start?” always has the same answer…with Jesus!!!

Prayers for a safe, healthy and blessed New Year,

Dom Perfetti