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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter
The First Step

Resolution - “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. That’s probably the simplest
definition of the word we can find. A firm decision …sounds easy enough, right? But,
how many of us actually keep the New Year’s resolutions we make?? Want to take a guess? If you said less than 10%, you’re right in the ball park. In fact, survey
data will tell us that by January 31st, 92% of us will have already broken our resolutions for the year.

What makes resolutions so difficult to keep? They all sound good, right? We want to read
more, perhaps shed the Holiday pounds we put on, maybe get some cardiovascular workouts going a few times a week. All good intent, but just so difficult to keep!

We seem to become ongoing machines of our engrained habits. Once we’ve learned
something, whether good or bad, we get better and better at it until it becomes so natural, that we don’t even have to think about it to do it. And when those habits
are formed, we know how strong they can become, and how difficult they can be to break and start anew. A popular author on the subject of habits related breaking a habit to the energy it takes for a rocket to exit the earth’s atmosphere. A rocket can travel millions
of miles, but nearly all the energy in its flight is used to make the initial breakthrough
with the earth’s atmosphere.

So, how do we begin the New Year and truly make headway on the plans and improvements we all set out to do? Is there a way to avoid falling into the “92%” trap?? What different steps can we take to make changes within ourselves that will be
positive and lasting??

Like anything else, we need to begin with the first step. The first step, as always, is to turn to the Lord. It’s just so difficult to change ourselves to the extent we would like to, internally or externally, if we go it alone. The only true change we can make is
by starting from within, with Jesus in our hearts. When our hearts change, we think differently, and we can then begin the journey of making changes guided by our Lord.

If we’re feeling the struggle with our New Year’s resolutions, let’s take a “time out”, turn
to Jesus and take a new first step with Him, and let Him direct our Way for the New Year!

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year,

Dom Perfetti