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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter

All of the Above

Some of you reading this article may have just completed your final exams, while others may have not taken an exam in years.   (That’s a good thing!!)  Remember the multiple-choice exams?  We all knew the right answer was right in front of us, but which one was it??  Was it a, b, c or d?  The more complicated tests would have answers like “a and b, but not c, “a, b and d” “none of the above” or “all of the above.”   I’m sure we can all remember how confusing the tests could be, especially if we weren’t well-prepared.
We may not be taking written multiple-choice exams in the classroom these days, but it can sure feel like we’re taking quizzes and exams each day as we’re faced with many questions, challenges and decisions.  Many times we have multiple choices, and we’re just not sure of the right answers.
The choices we make on a daily basis are very important for today, and also shape our futures.  We want to keep our families and ourselves safe and healthy, we want to do our best to meet the needs of others, and of course we constantly need to keep up with our changing world so that when it comes time to make a decision, we have the right information to make the right choice.
How do we keep up with a world that’s moving at warp speed with subjects like technology, changing health issues, maintaining a safe environment and so many other issues??   As complicated as it can be to find the answers to all the “multiple choice” questions, we do have Sources to rely upon that will consistently help us find the right answers.
All of us have so many challenges and questions to answer, and we may feel overwhelmed on where to even begin looking for the answers.  But in life’s medley of daily options and unknowns, we can always make the right choice to by first aligning our hearts and minds with our God above.    
We know we’ll be facing a multiple choice test each day we awaken, so let’s go with the surefire plan will always lead us to the right choice.   As we approach the day, and wonder about the decisions we need to make to get us over the next obstacle, let’s always remember that as we look at the choices, we know that: A. God is with us everywhere and any time, B. Jesus walked among us, is with us and knows exactly what is in our hearts, and C.  The Holy Spirit is our Lord’s gift to us to always bring us the peace and guidance we need to navigate the waters ahead of us.
So, as we look ahead to the “quizzes and tests” that we face each day, let’s always remember that the best answer is always looking up to God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.  In other words, the answer is simple, it’s always…..All of the Above!!
Have a wonderful and blessed summer season,
Dom Perfetti