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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter
The Better Outcome

   We may think, or perhaps want to believe, that life really should become easier as we learn and gain more experience in life. Perhaps we even develop a picture in our minds of being on “easy street” at some point in time; as the thought of continually facing the daily grind each day can, well let’s face it, just be overwhelming and exhausting. We want our lives to be easier, right?? I doubt that we look forward to a life that that’s more difficult today than yesterday? We’re battling the virus, we’re faced with the social injustices, and we all have our own personal challenges. Do we some-times ask, “Can’t it be just a little easier??”
    Tackling the difficulties, we face these days may in some ways be similar to how we strengthen ourselves physically. We all know that to get the outcome we want to achieve physically, we need to put in the time, and effort - and we all know for sure, it’s not easy! The point of physical exercise is to become stronger and healthier, to know we are physically fit to accomplish what we set out to do. Every time we put ourselves through a rigorous workout, we literally “tear” muscle tissue. It’s the stretching and tearing of the muscle that allows them to grow stronger. Yes, it’s true, we need to put ourselves through voluntary strain and struggle, to become stronger and healthier for the future. If we were to “take it easy,” we would never increase our strength!
   The same approach applies to our spiritual lives. Just as we tone our physical muscles, we also need to give plenty of attention and time to strengthen our spiritual muscles. Each prayer and each moment we spend with Our Lord adds one more fiber to our growing spiritual muscles. Like a rope, individual fibers can easily break, but the tightly wound rope of many fibers becomes so strong that it cannot be broken.
   Jesus did not have an easy life, and ours may not be either. But isn’t our true goal to become stronger in our Faith and closer to Our Lord? It’s so appealing to look forward to an easy lifestyle, but it may not at all be what Jesus has planned for us. He brings us closer to Him through our challenges and wants us to exercise our Faith to become stronger in Him.
   We know that life can be difficult at times, and we also know that we are 100% assured that Jesus is there with us. As we face our challenges, let’s face them with the attitude of knowing every one of them is an opportunity to grow our strength in the Lord, always knowing that no matter what we’re wrestling with, putting our Faith in Jesus and knowing that all we do is for Him may not be the easiest path, but will always lead us to the better outcome.
Enjoy the beautiful Fall season,
Dom Perfetti