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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter

The Next Chapter…

What’s going to happen in the next chapter??

Whether we’re referring to a good book or the next chapter in our lives, we all wonder...

This time of year spurs a lot of "next chapter" discussions. Kids are graduating and moving on to high schools, colleges or heading out into the world to begin their careers. The graduations bring a degree of nostalgia, but for the most part, it’s the look ahead that brings the excitement and anticipation of the new changes, challenges, and experi-ences that are about to begin.

The "next chapter" thoughts can happen so many times in our lives. Sometimes we see them coming, other times we don’t. Even when we might know the "new title" of a chapter, most times we can never guess what the pages within will say! For instance, "I got the job!" is a statement that will clearly turn the page to a new chapter, but can any of us guess the twist and turns inside that one? Let’s take a look back on our own lives,…, if someone would have told us 20 years ago where we would be to-day, would we have believed them??

Yes, the next chapter is always interesting. We never know what’s around the next turn, and even when we think through our plans in detail to "write our own story," most times, if not all, they don’t turn out the way we had planned them.

And that’s exactly why we need to let the story of our lives be written by our One true Author. We all know that when we try to take our life stories into our own hands, they don’t always work out so well. But handing the pen to Jesus is all we need to do to have a life completely guided by Him! We never need to question why the pages read the way they do, or what the next chapter will bring. Jesus already knows, and He knew long before we were born.

There’s no way on our own we could ever match the life script that Jesus has in store for us. Do we really think we can write a better story than He can??

Yes, with Jesus as the Author of our lives, He will guide us through our own personal chapters, written by Him and uniquely for each of us. There’s no need to be anxious about the next chapter when we leave our life stories in His loving hands. And our stories will never end, He will continue to guide us through this life, and into our eternal life of peace with Him.

Let Jesus be the Perfect Author of our life stories. Each day we can live the book He wrote for us; and the lives He intended us to lead. Every day brings us one page closer to Him, and we’ll always be looking forward to…the next chapter.

Have a wonderful and blessed summer,

Dom Perfetti