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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter


Presents Everywhere!!!

Christmas Day is a day of celebration, and it’s only a few short weeks away. I’m sure we all have a long “to do” list, and a list of presents needed for those special people in our lives.

Christmas presents are a long standing tradition. Who doesn’t like receiving a gift on Christmas Day?? We all look forward to the surprise of unwrapping a gift and seeing what our loved ones thought would make us smile. Parents love the gifts that are “school made” and often keep them in family “treasure boxes” forever. Children anticipate the presents under the tree and typically can’t contain their excitement as they tear into the boxes that were carefully wrapped just hours ago.

Gift giving is such a big part of our Christmas celebration. It’s a chance to fulfill the dreams and wishes of our kids, and the opportunity to get that extra special gift for that special person in our lives. Yes, for the first week or two after Christmas, we can sometimes find it difficult to walk around our homes without stepping on a toy or game. Especially with youngsters in the house, there can be presents everywhere!

As we reflect on past Christmases, what is it that we remember most? Do we recall each gift under the tree? Or do we remember other things that are not quite as tangible? I’d bet on the latter. As parents, we have the wonderful memories of another Christmas where we were able to see the joy in our children’s eyes; and as kids, we remember our antici-pation and excitement more than the gifts themselves. It’s the spirit of the season that makes our memories so special.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sustain that spirit year round? There’s no reason why we can’t! Remember that God sent us His Son as our greatest gift, and His Spirit lives in us every day. Our physical gifts may lose their “newness” in a short time, but the gift of the Holy Spirit is given to us to renew and refresh our lives daily. Christmas day is a remind-er of the most Special Gift we can ever receive. Jesus Himself came upon us to provide us with a gift of eternal life; and to teach us and guide us through every day of our lives.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season, and as we look around our homes and see presents everywhere, let’s let them be a reminder that Jesus is with us throughout the entire year, and we can always feel His presence everywhere!
God Bless you all this Christmas,
Dom Perfetti