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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter


Constant Change

Heraclitus, a Greek phi-losopher from the 6th century B.C is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.”

We’re now looking at another season of change. We’ll soon feel the cool air, see the days shorten, and the changing of the trees from green to a variety of fall colors. What is actually happening with the leaves?? The yellow and orange colors we see in the fall are always there; they’re just masked by the green chlorophyll during the spring and sum-mer. As the Chlorophyll breaks down, the bright colors we see in the Fall become visible.

The same can be said on the nights when we look up at the sky and see a full moon and the stars. On a cloudy night, we see nothing above, but we know that the moon is still there, and the stars are still there. When the clouds part, we see them again. They never left the sky, they were always there.

When we think about the quote from those many centuries ago, I think we can agree that our lives here on earth as we know it, are filled with constant change. We’ve learned over the years to expect change. But when we view our lives from the perspective of our Faith, we know that the only True Constant in life…..is God. God never changes. His promises never change, His love for us never changes. His Son Jesus is always among us, and His Holy Spirit is with us at all times.

God is the constant in all we do. The constant change that we experience as humans is calmed and steadied by the hand of God. He calms the waters and settles our souls.
We know that change is part of life. And whether we look forward to it, or resist it, change will always be there. But so will God, and we can always remain steady as we place our fears and anxieties in His hands.

So as we turn the page to another season, knowing that in the blink of an eye we’ll be putting up our Christmas trees, let’s remember that the beautiful colors of the leaves were always there. On rainy days the sun still shines above the clouds, and the stars are still as bright as ever. But most of all, let’s remember that God is there for us always, the One Constant we’ll always have, the only One we’ll ever need.

Enjoy the beautiful Fall season,
Dom Perfetti