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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter


   Essential Workers


   Through these past few months, we’ve all battled and adjusted to new ways of living as a result of the corona virus. And we’ve all been made aware of the need and appreciation for the essential workers around us. The first responders, doctors, nurses, drivers, food supply workers, delivery men and women ,…, the list is extensive. Perhaps there has never been a time in our lives where we have been made more aware and have been more appreciative of the heroes that have responded to our family’s needs and provided us with the essentials we all need to survive on a daily basis.
   The word “interdependence” comes to mind. We’re seeing very clearly that our lives are very inter-dependent and inter-connected. We are all relying on each other to sustain a complicated network and supply chain to manage our way through this. COVID-19 has certainly made us recognize beyond any doubt just how reliant we are on each other’s gifts, talents and abilities. We simply would not be able to survive otherwise.
   How do we continue to be strong, resilient and interdependent through these strange an unimaginable times?? The answer lies in the opposite of inter-dependence; and as always, points directly to our Lord. Yes, the best way to help each other and act courageously to navigate these uncertain times is to be completely dependent on our Lord Jesus. God is in control as always, and as we put our unwavering Faith and reliance upon Him, He gives us the strength we need through His Son and His Holy Spirit to be strong with each other, regardless of the circumstances.
   God has given to each of us specific and special abilities to help each other in some way, whether it be with physical labor, our financial assets, or perhaps simply by lending a listening ear to someone who desperately needs to share a personal story. But through it all Jesus is there with us; and provides us with exactly what we need at the time needed for us to help our families, friends and neighbors, wherever they may be.
   Especially in these times, we’re ALL Essential Workers for our Lord Jesus. We all have special gifts that can be shared as we all pull together as a united Team under the close watch of our Lord.
   As we act interdependently to meet the needs of others, let’s remember to do it under the full dependency of our Lord; knowing that when we take action in His name, He will see us through our struggles and challenges.
   Let’s pray to understand and recognize our own unique and individual gifts, that when offered to each other, become the interdependent fellowship that our Lord loves to see in us. With complete reliance on Him, we know we can all be Essential Workers to show our love and caring to others, as He does for us.

Have a healthy and blessed Summer,

Dom Perfetti