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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter
Subject to change

   “Subject to change.” Many of the advertisements we see and hear end on that note. It protects the provider from guaranteeing that everything will go as smooth
as it was stated just moments before. The provider may have the best intentions, but things happen that are simply outside of anyone’s control, and, well, as we’we've
all experienced at some time or another, our well thought plans become “subject to change.”
   We know that in life there aren't’t many things that are certain. We do the best be can to
look ahead and plan our days, and weeks, sometimes even the years.
Perhaps some of us are looking ahead and picking out that perfect
place to raise our kids, or maybe find that spot that will become our
retirement dream location. But again, through it all, there’s always
a good possibility that things might not go exactly as we had imagined. We need to prepare ourselves and know that whatever it is we planned, it’s all subject to change!
   Change is constant in our lives. We study hard, work hard and map out detailed plans, but in a blink, things change. Many times exciting opportunities knock and send us to new adventures; while other times news comes our way that points us in a direction we wish we didn't’t have to go. One meeting or one phone call can set our lives in a completely
different direction than we thought we were headed just minutes before.
   How do we deal with a world that throws so many curve balls at us?? Knowing that change is constant, how do we anchor ourselves and maintain a steady course?? 
   When we feel the winds of change come our way and we need a source of stability, we
need only to look to the Cross. Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated the perfect, unwavering certainty of Jesus coming down from the Cross and rising to Heaven. This event changed our lives forever, and left us with the peace of His presence with us
every day.
   In our busy and ever-changing lives we remind each other to “never say never,” and that “always” just doesn't’t “always” happen. But as Christians, we know beyond any doubt that we can confidently use those terms with Jesus. Jesus is with us always,
and will never leave us. He is the One constant in our lives, and the only one we will ever
   Jesus walked in our world of uncertainty, and left us with the certainty of everlasting love and eternal life through Him. He is our Rock, and His Word is never
subject to change!

Have a wonderful Spring,
Dom Perfetti