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Dom Perfetti Monthly Letter

Balance Point


   There’s a little trick to keeping your balance when you’re standing on one foot.
Have you ever taken a yoga class and had to stand with one foot raised? Or perhaps you may have simply tried to put a shoe or sock on while standing, and not leaning
against a wall or holding on to anything?? For some of us with natural balance, it might be easy; while for others, it can take quite an effort. But there is a simple
trick to help stay balanced. All you need to do is focus on a fixed point. It doesn’t matter which point it is, just pick a point, focus on it and don’t let your eyes stray from it.
   Maintaining balance as we navigate through our lives can be quite a different story. There are so many ways we can be tossed, pushed and pulled, that we may often wonder if it’s possible to keep our balance in a world that changes so quickly; and throws so
much at us from so many different angles. How often do our plans get uprooted by the
   We all face many challenges that make it difficult for us to stay on a steady course. Some we all face, like the current COVID-19 situation, while others are more specific to us individually, or within our families. But the unexpected will come our way in one form or another. 
   As we think about keeping our balance in a world that seems to have a never-ending supply of ways to knock us off course, can we apply the same single point of
focus approach of standing on one foot to our entire lives? Could the answer be that simple?? Well, although it may take a bit more time and focus than simply staring at a fixed point on the floor, the answer is YES, we can apply the same approach.
   When our lives become a whirlwind of events, the key to staying steady and on course is to focus on a single point, and that singe point is Jesus. As the storms come our way, and we begin to feel ourselves spinning out of control, there’s always one surefire way to regain our balance, and that is to focus every bit of our strength and energy on the
Lord. We may want to battle the winds of change and adversity on our own, and there may be times when we win. But in the long run, there’s only One way to stand strong against whatever comes our way, and that’s to first put our eyes, our minds and our
hearts fully on Jesus, because it’s His strength that can see us through any of life’s difficult
   On our own our efforts to maintain balance and a steady course will inevitably lead to frustration and exhaustion, while placing our cares and concerns in the Hands of our Lord will lead us to peace and stability. All the cares and concerns will still be there, they won’t disappear, but they will be taken care of by the always reliable, dependable and
trustworthy Source that has the power to calm every storm that comes our way.
   There’s plenty going on around us these days, we may be feeling like we’re losing our balance. Let’s stop and take a moment of prayer and focus everything we have on that Single Point of Focus – Jesus. He will always be there to help us keep both feet on solid and higher ground.

Have a very blessed month,

Dom Perfetti