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Helping hands kits
In refugee camps, hospitals, and villages
around the world, gifts of layettes convey a
warm welcome to newborns and their
Include the following items in each layette:
  • Two shirts
  • Two gowns or sleepers
  • Two receiving blankets
  • Four cloth diapers
  • One sweater
  • Two washcloths
  • One bath-size bar of soap
  • Two diaper pins

  • Wrap items in one of the receiving
   blankets and secure with diaper pins.
  • Good gently used items can be
   substituted for new ones. Sizes up to 24
   months may be used.
  • Sweaters may be knitted or crocheted
   from leftover yam. They may also be
   made from heavy double knits.
   Preferred styles have buttons or ties
   down the front. Infant sweatshirts may
   be substituted for the sweater.
  • A bolt of flannel can furnish a number of
   receiving blankets, diapers, and gowns.
   A square cut the width of fabric (Usually
   36" or 45") easily makes a blanket.
  • Diapers can be made by using a pinking
   shears to cut pieces 22 1/2" wide X 36"
School Kits
A school kit may provide the only supplies
for children returning to school after the
disruption of war. For example, after a 30-
year war, Angolans have established schools
and provided teachers but have little access
to supplies. School kits may help parents
continue their children's education, even
while living in a refugee camp. A school kit
may also be used in adult literacy classes.
Include the following items in each school
  • Spiral notebooks of ruled paper
    approximately 8 '/2" by 1 OS' containing
    150-200 sheets of paper or (3- 70sht.
  • One blunt scissors (safety scissors with
    imbedded steel blades work well)
  • 12" Ruler showing both centimeters and
  • One pencil sharpener
  • Six new pencils with erasers
  • One eraser approx. 2 '/z" long
  • 12 sheets of construction paper in asst.
  • One box of 16, or 24 crayons
  • One cloth bag approx. 12" by 14" with cloth handels
Pack items in the bag, fold the handles over,
and secure with two large rubber bands or
tie with yam.

Sewing Kits
In the Ivory Coast, young girls who are
Liberian refugees learn to sew with the help
of LWR sewing kits in an after school home
economics program. In Angola, women and
men use sewing kits to help learn a trade and
earn an income in an L WR -supported
sewing workshop.
Include the following items in each sewing kit:
  • Three yards of 44" or 45" cotton or acotton blend fabric; four yards if 36"
  • One package of needles for hand sewing
  • One spool of matching thread
  • One card of buttonsWrap sewing notions inside fabric and tie
  • with string, yam, or strip of fabric.