401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750

The Quilters group will be meeting at 9:30am on Wednes-ay, March 4 in the Fellowship Hall. Help is invited and appreciated. The fellowship is great! If you are interested in helping on another day, call Marian (740/373-6023) and she will give you a call when a date is set. If you would like to sew at home, we would be glad to help you pick out the quilt pieces with which you could work.
Top or bottom sheets are always needed!


Don’t forget to help support the Lutheran World Mission with gifts of items needed for layettes and health kits.

Please join us. If you would like to know more about Circle, ask Jackie Lane (740/896-2885). We would love to have you join us.
Introducing a new jar,” Nickels for Nets"
The United Nations Foundation, in an effort to save lives by containing malaria, has engaged the Lutheran Church, world-wide, to "Halt and reverse the incidence of malaria and other diseases".  The Lutheran Church is recognized, arguably, as having one of the most efficient disaster relief, distribution, and educational network in the world.
Malaria thrives in Africa, Central and South America.  People living in these areas, and in poverty, cannot afford nets to protect themselves from malaria-carring mosquitoes.  Malaria exacerbates poverty when people are too ill to work.  For many, poverty is an insurmountable barrier that prevents them from purchasing nets and medications that treat and cure malaria.
The Southern Ohio Synod is a pilot synod for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.  "A child dies every forty-five seconds from malaria. A $10.00 treated net can help to eradicate this disease.
Please consider donating some or all of the price for one net.  We will be setting up a jar in the back of the church labeled "Nickels for Nets" or money can be given to Jacquelyn Lane

Sewing Hope
Another ministry that may spark interest in some of you.  LWR provides sewing kits to schools that teach men and women how to sew so that they can earn an income and provide clothes for themselves and their families.  Many communities ostracize mothers of children with limb disabilities because they conceived a "defective" child.  The children often face lives of rejection and unemployment.  One of these children, after receiving surgery, learned to sew and now works as the center's seamtress, making all the uniforms and bedding for hundreds of people each year.  Her sewing skills not only provide an income for her, but also serve hundreds of other underpriviledged people as well.  You may help with a gift of material, if 60" wide - 2-1/2 yds long or if 35-45" wide - 5 yds. long.

Material needs to be cotton or cotton blend fabric (no knits or 100% polyester)
Lutheran World Relief is collecting Personal Care Kits.  Included in the kit is:  1-Bath-size towel (52" X 27") dark colored is recommended, 2-Bath size bars of soap (4 to 5 ounces) in their original wrappers, 1-Sturdy comb, 1-Metal nail clippers, 1-Adult size toothbrush in original packaging or, if multi-packs are used, place an individual brush in a legal-size envelope.  It was noted that the towel can be used in many ways, as a:  A shawl, a sleeping mat, a temporary door, or to secure a baby to his mother's back