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Music and Worship
Worship and Music


   Lent begins the 14th of February this year. Whether you are giving something up for the season or adding something to your daily routine it gives you a chance to focus more
on your inner life and your relationship with God. After our Ash Wednesday service on the 14th, we will hold weekly soup supper and devotional service, following the Advent services we had in December.

   We will eat at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall and move upstairs for devotions at 6:15.
We will take up a noisy offering on Sundays in February and at the weekly Lenten services to support Tabby’s Clothesline, a place in each of the Marietta City Schools that provides clothing and other necessities for students in need.

Becky Nolt, Member
Music and Worship
Hymn of the Month
  On February 11 we will sing “We Are Marching in the Light of God,” hymn #866. This is a rousing Zulu/Xhosa freedom song originating with Methodist young men’s group called “Amadodana.” It comes to us from With One Voice through Anders Nyberg’s
collection called Freedom Is Coming (1984), where the English version by Gracia Grindal is a translation through a Swedish one. The text is simple, but encompasses a
“montage of meaning that Michael Hawn describes. ‘We’ is the community of the living and the dead; ‘marching’ unifies the community, which moves physically and spiritually
in the same direction in a kinesthetic response to the Spirit; ‘the light of God’ is a symbol of the creation and Jesus Christ as well as an African refrain for seeing clearly through struggle and darkness to hope.”

The tune SIYAHAMBA “accommodates and even facilitates a growing, evolving community of believers.” ‘We are marching,’ knowing that the living dead are singing with us. It is a traditional African tune.

This information comes from the Hymnal Companion to Evangelical Lutheran Worship written by Paul Westermeyer and published by Augsburg Fortress in 2010.