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The Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor

2nd hardest day


Day 27 of 90... Today was probably the second hardest day I’ve ever had on a bike. Rebecca and I left Darby and our awesome host Curtis. We didn’t meet anyone that we know of that are filming “Yellowstone,” but we heard all kinds of stories about Kevin Costner and the crew in town. Breakfast took longer than expected, so it was a late start to tackle Chief Joseph Pass. From the get go there was a head wind...30 miles from Darby to the top of the Pass with 3500 feet of climbing. It would have been easier were it not for the strong headwind, like the kind that stops you in your tracks as it hits you coming around a corner hard! But we made it, and finished off the remaining miles (in said headwind) to Wisdom, MY. The Pass was 7241 elevation, and the first time of I think 7 times I will cross the Continental Divide. Really, really long day (just shy of 6 hours saddle time). The sights were great, and dinner was amazing and well earned. Had my first piece of pie for the trip. Saw a pronghorn antelope, which was cool and a first. Tonight the campsite is still at elevation (above 6000 feet) and I will continue to be at high elevations until I drop down off of Hoosier Pass in Colorado. 58 miles today with 3823 total climbing.