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The Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor



Day 17 of 90...”Humbled” was the word of the day today. I was humbled by the climbs, humbled by the awesomeness of the mountains, and humbled by the wind. I had two major climbs today, the first straight out of Richland, Oregon (1478 vertical feet in 6 miles). I felt pretty defeated after that climb and was feeling somewhat down when God surprised me with something I’d never thought I’d see (see video). That changed my spirit! I crossed into Idaho today, and into Mountain Time. Some pretty incredible scenery today. I also saw a few quail and spooked a deer on a climb. I was humbled by the second climb not only because of the 2000 plus vertical gain, but also because there was a headwind most of the way up (I never knew that was possible). The headwind never went away for the 13 miles down into town. My Garmin computer acted up and I lost some of the information, so my best guess is I rode 70 miles and climbed 4000+ feet. Camping in Cambridge, Idaho tonight.