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The Ponderings of a Pedaling Pastor

June 2019

61 miles inland

Day 10 of 90...Another beautiful day riding inland. Mostly climbing today, but it was river grades,...

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Headed inland to Eugene

Day 9 of 90... I said goodbye to the Oregon coast this morning and headed inland to Eugene, home to...

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Last of the coast line

Day 8 of 90...The map lied last night about access to food, so I had to eat a couple energy bars....

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Fathers Day

Day 7 of 90...It’s amazing how quickly it happens... to lose track of time when one is just...

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Leaving Whalen Island

Day 6 of 90...Broke down my camp at Whalen Island near Sandlake. Another beautiful &...

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Riding with friends

Day 5 of 90...Had a nice breakfast to start the day with Malcom, Hunter, and her family. Met up...

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Good mistakes makes new friends

Day 4 of 90...Al drove me to my start in Astoria, OR, along the Columbia River. I missed a turn 8...

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Arriving in Portland

Day 3 of 90... it’s been quite a day. I awoke in Washington state, which means I slept thru...

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For the beauty of earth

Day 2 of 90...I awoke in North Dakota, entering into an area of the country I’ve never been....

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Give thank to the Lord for he is good...

Day 1 of 90 “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his steadfast love endures...

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