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Council Minutes

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2021 – 6:00pm

Present: Teresa Cochran, Brandon Gress, Mike Siddall, Jackie Alden, Jennifer Folwell, Kim Bandy, Fraser MacHaffie, Ron Calvert, Pastor Steve
Call to Order and Time: 6:00pm
Prayer and Devotions: Brandon Gress
Approval of June 15, 2021 Minutes:  motion made by Mike Siddall to accept the minutes; seconded by Jackie Alden; minutes approved.
Pastor’s Report: Written report submitted. Committee meetings are resuming. Quality of live streaming is improving as we are becoming more familiar with the new equipment.
Committee Reports
Christian Education/Youth and Families (Jen Folwell): Nothing to report. Committee is not active currently. Adult education is occurring with Bible Study. Plan to meet to discuss goals.

Fellowship (Jackie Alden); Chair (Stephanie Shrider): First fellowship gathering on Sunday July 11, 2021. Plan for event on August 8, 2021, to welcome new members. Plan to have Christmas party.

Evangelism (Kim Bandy); Chair (Randy Shrider): Met on June 27, 2021. Plan to have drive thru food drive on August 21, 2021. There is also a plan to hold Loads of Love in the fall.

Worship and Music (Brandon Gress); Chair (Margene Brown): Met this evening, July 13, 2021. Recommendation to leave shields where they are for communion. Recommendation that assistants for communion do not need to wear gloves because they are not actually touching the glasses.  Discussion of transitioning position of choir director into Special Music Coordinator to arrange special music for holidays and on non-communion Sundays. New position would need to be created. Plan to take up a noisy offering collection for Back-to-School. Discussion of special event – Octoberfest on either October 22 or October 8, 2021. Final date to be determined. Discussion of adding a Wednesday service during Advent and offering a meal beforehand.

Property (Ron Calvert); Chair (Josh Lane): Met on June 30, 2021. Considering quotes for painting exterior of church where needed. Since the meeting, a report was received that one of the air conditioning units is not working properly. Suspected to be a leak based upon initial inspection. Recommended to consider purchasing a new unit. Property Committee to evaluate next steps.
Treasurer’s Report: Financial reports for June provided. Annual insurance payment was made in June. Memorial fund has been reduced by investments in wifi, streaming technology, cameras, and a new laptop, as well as continuing with the outdoor lighting project. Discussion of implementing a new system requesting the custodian to fill out a weekly time sheet to document time spent and brief description of tasks completed. For record keeping purposes.
 Old Business:
Update for protocol for COVID-19. Motion by Brandon Gress to continue using shields for communion with gloves for assistants being optional; seconded by Pastor Steve; motion passed.
New Business:
Congregation Leads forwarded from Pastor:
Discussion of invitation received from ELCA Innovation Team for this initiative. The consensus was that we are not comfortable making that time commitment at this time.
Discussion of recommendation from Worship and Music Committee to develop a new position for Special Music Coordinator. Plan to make the position fluid to allow for the possibility of a choir being formed in the future. Pastor Steve to work on preparing a draft job description for discussion at future meeting.
Discussion of creating a means on the church website that would allow for online giving. For future consideration. Plan to request finance committee to investigate this option.
Discussion that members of the executive committee and counsel will conduct mid-year check-ins with staff now that COVID restrictions are lifted. Teresa Cochran will work on setting these.
Meeting adjourned 7:25pm
Next Meeting:  August 17, 2021 – 6:00pm
Prayer Assignment:  Jackie Alden