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Council Minutes


St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Council Meeting Minutes
March 17, 2020 - 6:00pm

Present: Teresa Cochran, Fraser MacHaffie, Kim Bandy, Ron Calvert, Jackie Alden, Mike Siddall, Garrett Lamb, Pastor Steve Absent: Tony LeMaster

Call to Order & Time: Teresa called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Prayer & Devotions: Discussion of article, “What Martin Luther Teaches Us about Coronavirus” by Emmy Yang. Prayer offered by Pastor Steve

Approval of February, 2020 Minutes: Garrett moved to accept the minutes, Mike seconded, motion passed.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor submitted his report and it will be printed in the newsletter.

Committee Reports:

Christian Education/Youth and Families: (Ron Calvert) Children’s church was held on March 15.

Evangelism: (Kim Bandy) Next Loads of Love scheduled for August 15, 2020. Next meeting scheduled for March 29, 2020, but may need to be changed.

Worship and Music: (Garrett Lamb) Met March 11, 2020. Noisy offering was successful. Plans discussed for Maundy Thursday. Discussion of having a class taught on the subject of financial exploitation of the elderly.

Treasurer’s Report: As provided in financial reports, subject to revision.

Old Business: Deferred, to address new business.

New Business: Coronavirus policy — motion by Garrett Lamb to suspend all church services and meetings, for 8 weeks, as recommended by the CDC and Bishop of the Southern Ohio Synod, with child visitation, NA, and mediation to continue to use the space at their own discretion; provided that, council will meet on its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 21, 2020, unless the Executive Committee calls an earlier meeting, to address whether these measures should be modified. Seconded by Fraser MacHaffie. Motion passed. Motion by Kim Bandy that during the 8 week period, employees will continue to be paid at their regular rate and that day-to-day operations in the church office will continue. Seconded by Garrett Lamb. Motion passed.

Discussion held in Executive Session.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm
Next Meeting: April 21, 2020—6:00pm, unless called sooner by the Executive Committee. Prayer assignment: Fraser MacHaffie