401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Council Minutes
Council Meeting
November 20, 2018

Present: Kim Bandy, Becky Bartsokas, Ron Calvert, Teresa Cochran, Melissa Duff-Lamb,
Josh Lane, Fraser MacHaffie, Pastor Steve
Absent: Garrett Lamb

Call to Order & Time: Josh called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Prayer & Devotions: Josh
opened with prayer followed
by a discussion of Chapter 6 of
The Present Future.
Approval of December, 2018 Minutes: Teresa motioned that we accept the minutes, Melissa seconded, motion passed.

Pastor’s Report: In addition to the attached report: Mike and Susie Johnson have asked
Pastor to preside over their daughter’s wedding in Houston on September 28th. He is requesting that this not be considered vacation time. Becky Wright of Marietta Community
Foundation would like to make a donation to the church which would then be given to Bill
Thompson for medical expenses. 

Committee Reports:
Christian Education/Youth and Families: (Teresa Cochran and Melissa Duff-Lamb) Jeff Hancock has been teaching the adult education class on Sunday morning.

Evangelism: (Kim Bandy) A meeting is scheduled for next week.

Music & Worship: (Garrett Lamb) Discussed switching to gluten free wafers but it is
very expensive. It was decided instead that a small tray of GF wafers will be made available. Council is recommending that the church advertise for a new organist on Facebook and Marietta jobs/com before placing a week-long ad in the local papers because of the expense. Pastor will also check to see if an ad can be placed in the weekend edition of the paper as that may be a less expensive option. Also Randy
Shrider is waiting to hear back about the quote for the MIDI computer program.

Property: (Josh Lane) Outdoor spring cleanup has been scheduled.

Treasurer’s Report: Fraser reported that the congregation has done a great job of stepping up their giving and as a result the deficits are much less than originally expected.
Also reported, the 2018 audit is not ready to be submitted.

Old Business:

Audit Committee (Jerry Graham, Chris Murphy, John Flannery*) — an additional

member is needed as Chris Murphy is not eligible to be on the committee. The By-laws
state that committee members need to be voting members of the congregation.
Nominations Committee (Mark Neyman, Becky Nolt, John Brown, Elsa Thompson.
Update on the bookkeeping position: the church has signed a contract with Wark
Accounting. Jenny Altenburger is transitioning with Becky Nolt who has reported that it is going very well.
New Business:
Annual Report: liaisons will be writing a brief annual t their committee’s activity during the past year to be submitted by next month’s council meeting. 
Church office security: due to a concern about Jeri’s safety in the office, the doors to the church will be locked. Members and visitors will be able to notify Jeri with a buzzer and intercom by the side door.

Next Meeting: February 19, 2019—6:00pm

Good of the Order: Josh adjourned the meeting at 8:10pm.