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Council Minutes
Council Meeting
May 15, 2018

Council Meeting Minutes


Present: Becky Bartsokas, Steve Bigley, Teresa Cochran, Melissa Duff-Lamb, Garrett Lamb, Josh Lane, Pastor Steve

Absent: Teresa Cochran, Larry Hall

Call to Order & Time: Josh called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Prayer & Devotions: Re-viewed Chapter 7 from book Surviving to Thriving. Discussed the last chapter and agreed to sign our name and pass the book along to another member who will do the same after reading. Pastor Steve opened with prayer.

Approval of April, 2018 Minutes: Melissa moved to accept as written and Garrett seconded. Minutes were approved.

Pastor’s Report: See attached.

Committee Reports:

Christian Education/Youth and Families: (Teresa Cochran) There is still a need for some-one to replace Fraser as coordinator of adult educa-tion. Pastor will address the class and make a plea for help.

Evangelism: (Garrett Lamb) The next meeting will be May 23.

Music and Worship: (Steve Bigley) Worship in the park has been scheduled for the last week in July. Noisy offering will be collected for the next four weeks and will be given to the youth for their trip to Houston. Discussion has begun about coverage for Pastor Steve’s sabbatical in 2019. Rev. Jeff Wick offered to preach one Sunday each month as well as Ron Calvert.

Property: (Josh Lane) A date should be set sometime in the next week for tree removal.

Stewardship: (Melissa Duff- Lamb) Fraser talked with Jerry Graham about tracking the giving of those members who have not turned in pledge cards.

Committee for Estates and Memorials: (Fraser MacHaffie)


Memorial — Fraser will be requesting $25,000 from the fund to cover operating ex-penses. This should see us through the end of the year.

Finance: (Fraser MacHaffie) There is still a need for a comittee chair.

Old Business:

Audit Committee: Fraser is working with Jeri on the 2017 audit.

Nominations Committee: Mark Neyman has committed. The committee needs five more members.

ELCA review of our submit-ted constitution and bylaws: Fraser has placed the by-laws in the body of the constitution to send to the Synod. There are a few changes to be made. The congregation will need to vote to accept at the yearly meeting in November.

Circuit breaker for air con-ditioning unit in the choir loft: three circuit boards need to be replaced at a cost of $1400. Fraser moved to go ahead with the work and then request the money from the Cisler ac-count. Melissa seconded. Mo-tion passed.

Revisit AED discussion: a member has offered to cover the cost of the AED. It was suggested we look into getting one for each level of the church.

New Business:

A member has brought to council’s attention a need for food boxes for senior citizens in Washington and surrounding counties.

Fraser brought up a concern about the difficulty of navigating the steps from the pulpit area to the sanctuary for the readers and communion assistants. Steve will talk with Worship and Music about pos-sible changes to the communion process.

Treasurer’s Report: Fraser shared his monthly report. He emphasized that April was not a typical month of giving because of Easter and there were five Sundays. See

attached report.

Next Meeting: June 19, 20186:00pm.

Good of the Order: Josh adjourned the meeting at 7:47pm.