401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Council Minutes
Council Meeting
April 17, 2018

Present: Becky Bartsokas, Steve Bigley, Teresa Cochran, Melissa Duff-Lamb, Larry Hall,
Garrett Lamb, Josh Lane, Pastor Steve

Guests: Fraser MacHaffie and Erica Archer and Christi Calvert
- discussion of a Mission Interpretation Ministry

Call to Order & Time: Josh called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.
New Business: A motion was made by Melissa for Fraser MacHaffie to take the
place of Walt Brothers. Seconded by Teresa and approved. He will finish Walt’s
term on council as well as be Treasurer.
Prayer & Devotions: Discussed Chapter 7 from book, from Surviving to Thriving.
Pastor Steve offered a prayer.
Approval of March, 2018 Minutes: Teresa moved to accept and Garrett seconded.
Minutes were approved as written.
Pastor’s Report: See attached.
Committee Reports:
Christian Education/Youth and Families: (Teresa Cochran) Fraser asked that a
replacement be found for him to schedule and organize the Adult Sunday School classes as of September.
Evangelism: (Garrett Lamb) ‘Loads of Love’ was a success. There are 39 members who
have agreed to place St. Luke’s signs on their property. The undercroft committee has
met twice to discuss removal of pews for an area for fellowship. The next meeting is in
Property: (Josh Lane) The committee is still working out details for removal of dead
trees on the church property.
Mutual Ministry: (Larry Hall) Met on April 6th.
Finance: (Fraser MacHaffie) A committee chair needs to be appointed. Discussed the need for an additional signatory on the accounts. Pastor made a motion that the council president be the third signatory. Melissa seconded and the motion passed. Fraser presented three additional documents on the church finances. See attached.
Old Business:
Audit Committee: still being worked on.
Nominations Committee: still being worked on.
ELCA review of our submitted constitution and bylaws:
Fraser is getting the final draft ready to send to the Synod.
New Business (cont’d.): 
Discussed the need for an AED device. Josh has volunteered to explore the details
involved and report back to the committee.
A new chair for the finance committee will need to be assigned.

Next Meeting: May 15, 2018—6:00pm.
Good of the Order: Josh adjourned the meeting at 7:44pm.