401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Council Minutes

Congregation Council Meeting
October 20, 2020

Present: Teresa Cochran, Fraser MacHaffie, Kim Bandy, Ron Calvert, Jackie Alden, Mike Siddall, Pastor Steve

Absent: Garrett Lamb

Call to Order & Time: Teresa called the meeting to order at 6:06pm.

Prayer & Devotions: Prayer offered by Pastor Steve

Approval of September 22, 2020 Minutes: Mike moved to approve minutes, Fraser second-ed, minutes approved.

Committee Reports:
Christian Education/Youth and Families: (Ron Calvert) Bible Study finished Zephaniah and Haggai

Worship and Music: (Garrett Lamb) Has not met. Pastor recently distributed a letter to the congregation regarding plans for Christmas services.

Committee for Estates and Memorials: (Fraser MacHaffie)
· Cisler--
· Memorial--Have made a transfer from Memorial Fund in amount of $10,000 to cover budget shortfall. It has come out of accumulated earnings. May have to make a second transfer of $10,000 before the end of 2020.

Treasurer’s Report: In the month of September, even after the transfer of $10,000 from the Memorial Fund, there is still an accumulated deficit of $4,000 for the nine months to-date in 2020.

Old Business:
Nomination Committee - have not received any nominations from committee. Need to fill vacancy left by the resignation of Tony LeMaster, and need an incoming member to fill the seat that will be vacated by the expiration of Garrett Lamb’s term.
Staff evaluations have been completed, Kim will prepare documentation to circulate.

New Business:
Finance Committee met to complete 2021 budget. Proposed budget was provided to council for review. Proposed projected income for 2021 is significantly less than the amount budgeted for 2020, which is based on recent experience and intended to reflect a realistic estimate. The proposed budget includes a budgeted transfer in the amount of $27,700 from the Memorial Fund to cover the anticipated shortfall of income over expenses in 2021. Discussion of whether budget for telephone and internet would be sufficient for possible upgrade in Wi-Fi and possibly purchasing a license for video conferencing capability. Motion made by Pastor Steve to accept the proposed 2021 budget to be presented at the congregational meeting on November 8th; seconded by Kim; motion passed.
Budget will be presented to congregation on November 8, 2020, at congregational meeting. Pastor Steve will be away that Sunday, and the plan is to have one service due to pulpit supply availability. Must have a quorum of 15% of voting members, which based on 2019 numbers (179 active members) would be 27 voting members for a quorum.
Motion made by Pastor Steve to have Vickie Graham purchase the $149.90 Zoom license package for St. Luke’s (price is for one year); seconded by Fraser; motion passed.
Motion made by Fraser to have Vickie Graham check into the cost of updating the Wi-Fi (to increase speed) and report back to council; seconded by Mike; motion passed.
Zoom meeting take away on October 19th. Fraser and Kim attended Zoom conference on October 19th sponsored by the Southern Ohio Synod on the subject of options for conducting congregational meetings during the pandemic. It was determined that we will attempt to achieve a quorum in person, and will revisit options for conducting meeting via videoconference if necessary.

Email received from American Red Cross, requesting to have a blood drive at St. Luke’s on January 11, 2021. Motion made by Ron to approve the request to have a blood drive at St. Luke’s on January 11, 2021; seconded by Fraser; motion passed. Motion by Fraser to re-consider the motion regarding the blood drive; seconded by Ron; motion passed. Vote called on reconsideration of the motion to approve the request to have a blood drive at St. Luke’s on January 11, 2021. Motion failed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm

Next Meeting: November 17, 2020 — 6:00pm