401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Council Minutes
Council Meeting
January 16, 2018


Present: Becky Bartsokas, Walt Brothers, Melissa Duff-Lamb, Garrett Lamb, Josh
Lane, Pastor Steve
Absent: Steve Bigley, Teresa Cochran, Larry Hall

Call to Order & Time: Josh called the meeting to order at 6:10pm.
Prayer & Devotions: Discussed Chapter 5 from book, From Surviving to Thriving.

Approval of December, 2017 Minutes: Walt moved to approve; Melissa seconded.
Minutes approved as written.

Pastor’s Report: Please see the report attached to the end of the minutes.

Committee Reports:
Committee for Estates and Memorials: (Walt Brothers)
Walt has consolidated 5 accounts and put into one. Groups will submit to Walt for
money requests and he will cut a check. John Brown will head up the committee. Vickie
Graham will be taking over as bookkeeper in February and Becky will be phased out.
Music and Worship: (Steve Bigley) Discussed the Advent services and times of normally
scheduled services. Concern that 5:00pm service was too early on Christmas Eve.
Discussion about trying new things. Talked about exploring removing pews in the back of the church for a social area. Margene is willing to be on a committee.
Property: (Josh Lane) On January 2nd, Craig Wood, Randy Shrider, John Flannery,
Mike Johnson and Josh Lane met to familiarize Craig (new committee chair) with the processes for authorizing and paying for any work that might be done on the property throughout the year. Some of the bills were discussed: Drake’s Roofing—charge us for cleaning the gutters and roof as well as checking for leaks. Craig may look into what services are being performed and determine if the cost seems out of the ordinary; Ace
Lock— the large doors on the Scammel Street side of the church had the lock broken on
Christmas Eve, lock has been fixed; Ruth Blair indicated that there were some small
items around the church that needed attention (changing of light bulbs that she couldn’t
handle, weather stripping around large doors on Scammel Street); Randy Shrider
showed committee members where he had a storage system built for the bell tower
ladder to get it out of the way of choir members and relieve a trip hazard; A letter has been sent to Straight Up Tree Company requesting certain information before they would be given the go ahead to perform work; Randy submitted the choice that they had made for the replacement trees for the ginkgo trees that were removed years ago (Japanese
lilac tree - it is on the tree commission’s approved list); 
Snow removal was discussed;Randy indicated that the proper size filters for air handling
units had been ordered and should arrive any day (they were previously pieced
together with multiple filters);Randy discussed the possibility of having Craig Wood’s
company clean the radiator units throughout the church of built up dust and debris.
Stewardship: (Melissa Duff-Lamb) There will be a meeting on January 25th.
Mutual Ministry: (Larry Hall) Josh will be scheduling the meetings.

Old Business:
 Audit Committee—a threeperson committee is needed.
 Nominations Committee—a six-member committee of voting members. A congregational meeting needs to be scheduled.
New Business:  Tree selection for the Fourth and Scammel Street sides of
the church. Pastor Steve made a motion that we approve the planting of the trees donated by the Shrider family in honor of Rita. Garrett seconded. Motion passed.
Church council roster of members and terms: clarification of terms. Discuss committee expectations: the By-Laws state that each committee needs to meet in January. The liaisons need to reach out to the committee chairs to let
them know what the expectations are as stated in the By-Laws.
Treasurer’s report: Walt Brothers gave an update of the finance report.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 6pm
Good of the Order: Josh adjourned the meeting at 7:35pm.