401 Scammel St.
Marietta, Ohio  45750
Council Minutes

Congregation Council Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2020

Present: Teresa Cochran,
Fraser MacHaffie, Kim Bandy, Ron Calvert, Jackie Alden, Mike Siddall, Pastor Steve, Garrett Lamb
Absent: Tony LeMaster
Call to Order & Time: Teresa called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.
Prayer & Devotions: Prayer offered by Jackie Alden
Approval of July 21, 2020 Minutes: Mike moved to approve minutes, Jackie seconded, minutes approved.
Committee Reports:
Evangelism: (Kim Bandy) Loads of Love occurred last Saturday, August 15.
Property: (Tony LeMaster) Property Committee met, main discussion was to continue talking about updating lights. Dead tree on Scammel Street was
replaced. Fire Marshal left notification indicating that we need a street number (401) on the building, and there was discussion of painting the number on the steps. Fraser reported that in July, the water bill was three times what it was in June. He asked that this be conveyed to the property committee so that they can be aware of and monitor this issue.
Stewardship: (Mike Siddall) Discussion of whether a letter should be sent by Stewardship Committee to encourage members to keep current on giving, even during this unusual time, given recent financial deficit. Mike to speak with Jerry about doing this.
Finance: (Fraser MacHaffie) Financial report provided. Back-to-School does not have enough in its account to cover expenses, will have to come from somewhere else.
Treasurer’s Report: There was discussion of the President’s payroll tax holiday, and council discussed a preference to continue to pay payroll taxes with no change. Employees have been notified that their paychecks this month have not been affected.
Old Business:
Policy building use. Has been updated with changes discussed at last meeting. Pastor Steve moved to approve, Garrett seconded, motion passed.
Policy sexual harassment and misconduct. Revisions discussed to policy, will make suggested changes and revisit at next meeting.
Policy regarding comp. time. An informational memorandum on overtime and compensatory time for non-exempt employees was distributed. Fraser will work on preparation of comp. policy for next meeting.
New Business:
Policy statement on funeral service. Minor change to policy discussed to specify that out-side caterers are welcome. Motion to approve with this change by Jackie, seconded by Kim, motion passed.
Policy statement on accountable expenses reimbursement plan. Proposed policy provided for review. Pastor Steve moved to approve, seconded by Mike, motion passed.
Letter received from Tony LeMaster resigning from council. Teresa will notify Mark Neyman and request that nomination committee meet and discuss potential new member.
Discussion of request for a baptism and whether/how this can be done in light of policies regarding social distancing.

Adjourned at 7:50pm
Next Meeting: September 22, 2020 — 6:00pm
Prayer Assignment: Ron Calvert